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Mind Health Center Team

Luke Giannini, LCSW

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Nancy Bennett LPC
Kemberly Clark Photo.jpg

Kemberly Clark, PMHNP-BC

Nancy Bennett, LPC

Elizabeth MtCastle LCSW.png

Elizabeth MtCastle, LCSW

Alex Wall LCSW

Alex Wall, LCSW

Jennifer Sutherland PhD

Jennifer Sutherland, PhD

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Cinda Caiella LMFT

Cinda Caiella, LMFT

Jenny Warne LCSW.JPG

Jenny Warne, LCSW

Michelle Bey LCSW

Michelle Bey, LCSW

Molly Guerrant LCSW_edited.jpg

Molly Guerrant, LPC

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Melanie Renault LCSW.jpg

Melanie Renault, LCSW

Ina Thompson LPC.png

Ina Thompson, LPC

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Jessica Evans Professional Headshot.JPG
Jonthan Bishop Headshot.JPG

Jessica Evans, LCSW

Johnathan Bishop, LCSW

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Chelsea Bey Moon Profile Picture.JPG

Chelsea Bey-Moon, MSW

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