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Susan Gardner, LCSW

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     There are many reasons why a person may seek therapy. Sometimes we are struggling in a crisis, and sometimes we are ready to go deeper into our understanding of ourselves. With this understanding, we can create a life enriched by the healthiest, most insightful version of ourselves. The shifting of habits, fears and core beliefs is a brave act that deserves therapeutic support. In treatment my clients are able to build on their inherent strengths to heal, to grow and to ground.

     My first career was in the arts, and in the grand adventure of my prior life I learned how to connect with others with curiosity and without judgement. Using a variety of interventions that are dependent on the interests and strengths of my clients, I co-create a treatment plan with their unique needs in mind.

     I understand that change can be hard, and that sometimes not changing can be harder. Whatever direction you're heading in life, consider that we work together so that I can lend my education and skill to your extraordinary journey.

 **Wait list for new clients at this time**