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Jonathan Bishop, LCSW
804-442-3116 x719

I believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome any and every obstacle. I also believe we write our own stories which are oftentimes shaped by our experiences. These experiences, whether good or bad, shape us and make us who we are. However, there are times when we lose ourselves in the hardships of life. Issues such as broken relationships, childhood trauma, loss of loved ones, sickness, family dysfunction, job insecurity and low-self esteem can overwhelm us. And sometimes we need a helping hand to get us through difficult seasons.


My goal and hope is that I can walk with you during your season of distress. To walk with you through your anxiety, depression and pain. To create a safe space for you to be yourself without any fear of judgment. I have had many opportunities throughout my career to help individuals find healing and peace. I believe it all starts with meeting clients where they are at and providing them with warmth, a listening ear and skills to navigate life’s challenges. It would be my honor and privilege in helping you write your unique story.


I’m available in the evenings Monday-Friday and Saturday morning via telehealth only.

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