Dalena Burke, CHNC

804-442-3116 x700


My Passion:

To inspire and equip you to overcome your challenges and change the patterns you feel are holding you back from living and sustaining a fulfilling, holistic lifestyle full of vitality.

My Ideal Client:

Someone who desires to find balance and wholeness in their life by taking responsibility to get unstuck and create real change.


My Method:

     A Holistic and integrative approach to improved well-being which includes physical, spiritual, social and emotional strategies.

Because our lives are impacted by far more than just what we eat, my approach takes into consideration your experiences, perceptions, lifestyle and diet. Together we will explore how what you think, how you react/respond, your coping patterns, and your emotions all factor into your diet.

     I partner with clients to guide them in identifying old, unhealthy habits and patterns as well as assessing their motivation for change. From there, I support my clients in creating specific strategies to implement changes through mindfulness, conscious/nutritional eating, and positive psychology. These small attainable, yet life-changing goals lead to positive impacts on my client's physical and emotional health.


What you can expect from me:

- I will be your supportive mentor and biggest cheerleader.

- I will share my knowledge and research into neuroscience and the mind- body connection to create strategies that include, but go beyond the plate.

- I will act as guide to health and wellness so you can learn to navigate what works best for you.

- I will offer a safe space to discuss challenges, obstacles, nutritional and lifestyle choices.

**Accepting new clients as of January 1, 2020.  Call now to schedule.